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Civic Budget 2019 in Gdynia

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Civic Budget 2019 in Gdynia

Voting ran from 17 June to 1 July 2019. In the Gdynia Civic Budget 2019, exactly PLN 10,178,864.23 was to be distributed, plus a bonus under the so-called “Project +1”, which this year amounted to PLN 392,940.

The people of Gdynia chose from 260 neighbourhood projects and 15 city projects. As a result of online voting via, they identified a total of 109 neighbourhood projects for implementation: 28 large and 81 small, and indirectly the so-called “Project +1”, resulting from the largest turnout.

This year, for the first time, urban projects were also identified for implementation. Of the 15 put to the vote, one was chosen. However, as a result of the City Council increasing the pool for city projects and 6 neighbourhood councils deciding to subsidise the first projects “under the dash” from their own budgets, an additional 1 city project and 6 neighbourhood projects (4 large and 2 small) were submitted for implementation, making a total of 117 projects.

A total of 31,263 people took part in the vote. This is 962 more people than in 2018.

The highest turnout – 38.82 percent of voters – was achieved in Mały Kack district.

Citywide has not been distributed:

* from the district pool: PLN 606,508

* from the city pool: PLN 364.23

These funds have been added to the city pool and the pools for individual districts in next year’s Civic Budget.

All annexes: submitted and selected projects, legal basis, archival downloads are available here in Polish.