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Civic Budget 2015 in Gdynia

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Civic Budget 2015 in Gdynia

47,612 people – 20 percent of Gdynia residents eligible to vote – took part in the vote, which ran from 25 October to 4 November 2015. The youngest voting resident was less than a month old and the oldest was 100 years old.

As a result of online voting via, 40 projects were selected by residents for implementation. Compared to 2014, when 40 projects won, those selected in the second edition are larger, more expensive and much more comprehensive. As many as 21 projects relate to recreation, 8 to investments and renovations, 6 to road safety, 5 to aesthetics (including 2 dog runs). Among the projects shortlisted for implementation were mainly playing fields, spaces for physical exercise in urban spaces, playgrounds, as well as traffic calming projects, street and pavement repairs.

The unallocated PLN 875,064 was transferred to CB2016.

All annexes: submitted and selected projects, legal basis, archival downloads are available here in Polish.