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Civic Budget 2022 in Gdynia

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Civic Budget 2022 in Gdynia

There were 11 054 272 zł to be distributed in Gdynia’s Participatory Budget. It consisted of: 10,000,604 zł as the basic amount and 1,053,668, zł i.e. funds that were not allocated in the previous edition of the BO. As a result of the vote and the decision making of two district councils to co-finance two projects “below the line”(pl. „spod kreski”), additional projects with a total value of PLN 610,000 were selected for implementation. The sum was also increased by bonus, called „Projekt +1”, which was 614 890 zł in this year. This is an award in the form of an additional large project and two small ones for the districts where the highest voting turnout was recorded.

323 projects were submitted to BO2022. After verification process, 241 district and 4 urban projects were put to the vote.

As a result of online  votating on, the citizens had chosen 84 district projects (as well as three projects of „Projekt +1” – as a gift for voter turnout) and 2 urban projects  in terms of category named Klimatyczny Budżet Obywatelski (Climate Civil Budget). In addition, two district councils decided to co-finance the first projects “under the line” from their own budgets, thanks to which two large projects will also be implemented. In total, another 91 projects were handed over for implementation in 2022.

20 331 people took a part in BO2022 voting, which is 9,15 percent of people entitled to vote in BO. 20,304 people (9.14 percent of eligible voters) voted for district projects, and 17,722 people (7.98 percent of eligible voters) for urban projects.

The inhabitants of the Chwarzno-Wiczlino district turned out to be the most active, where the turnout amounted to 20.04 percent. and this is where an additional large project will be implemented. The second and third places in the attendance ranking were taken respectively by: Wielki Kack (16.34%) and Działki Leśne (15.63%). Thus, additional small projects will be implemented in these districts.

All annexes: submitted and selected projects, legal basis, archival downloads are available here in Polish.