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Civic Budget 2020 in Gdynia

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Civic Budget 2020 in Gdynia

In the 2020 Gdynia Civic Budget, PLN 10,608,600 was available for distribution. In addition, this amount was increased by a bonus under the so-called “Project +1” in the amount of PLN 511,915 . This is awarded in the form of the implementation of an additional large project and two small projects for the neighbourhoods with the highest voter turnout.

343 projects were submitted to CB 2021. After verification, 268 neighbourhood projects and 13 city projects were put to the vote.

Through online voting via, residents identified a total of 116 neighborhood projects for implementation: 31 large and 85 small (and indirectly three “Project +1” projects – for voting turnout). Of the 13 city projects put to the vote, one was selected. In addition, 8 neighbourhood councils have decided to subsidise the first projects “under the dash” from their own budgets. This also resulted in 8 neighbourhood projects (2 large and 6 small) being implemented. In addition, by decision of the President, two small projects were also identified for implementation, due to a gap in the voting system and the need to update the voting results. A total of 130 projects were submitted for implementation in 2021.

28,943 people took part in the vote, or 12.66 percent of those eligible to vote in CB. 28,483 people (12.46 percent of those eligible) voted for district projects and 27,344 people (11.96 percent of those eligible) voted for city projects.

The highest turnout – 32.36 percent of voters – was achieved in Mały Kack district. The second and third places in the attendance ranking were finally occupied by, respectively: Chwarzno-Wiczlino (31.23 percent) and Redłowo (28.57 percent).

All annexes: submitted and selected projects, legal basis, archival downloads are available here in Polish.