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Civic Budget 2017 in Gdynia

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Civic Budget 2017 in Gdynia

Voting ran from 18 September to 2 October 2017. 36,523 people participated – about 15.56 percent of Gdynia’s residents eligible to vote. The youngest voters were born in 2017 (there were 188), the oldest person was 102 years old.

In the 2017 Gdynia Civic Budget, PLN 5,310,198 was available for distribution. In 22 districts, the citizens of Gdynia chose from 132 projects. As a result of an online vote via, residents nominated 31 projects for implementation (plus Project “+1” resulting from the highest turnout).

A record turnout of 46.65 percent of voters was achieved in Orłowo.

The project “Modernisation of the lift at the outpatient clinic at 54 Wrocławska Street” received the most votes in the entire city (2154 votes and 10,526 points). Its value is PLN 178,000.

A total of PLN 238,265 was not allocated across the city. These funds have been transferred to the CB2018 pool of funds.

The authors of the projects, as well as the voters, were served by the staff of the Social Innovation Lab.

For the second time, the people of Gdynia also indicated projects within the Friendly District. PLN 25,000 was reserved for each district, which could be allocated to one or several projects as a result of the vote. The FD pool for the entire city was PLN 550,000. 24,836 people, or about 10.58 percent of those eligible, voted for the Friendly District projects. The largest number of projects to choose from was in Dąbrowa – 11, with several districts having three each. Among the projects selected for implementation are mainly sports and recreational activities.

All annexes: submitted and selected projects, legal basis, archival downloads are available here in Polish.