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Civic Budget 2014 in Gdynia

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Civic Budget 2014 in Gdynia

As part of the first edition of the Civic Budget in Gdynia, 234 projects qualified for the voting stage, and 41 were selected for implementation. Out of the allocated amount of PLN 3 million, PLN 597,796 was not distributed. This money increased the pot of the next edition of the Civic Budget.

Outdoor gyms were the most popular, with 11 such projects, followed by sports fields (7) and pavement repairs (5).

40,863 people took part in the vote, with a turnout of 17.1 percent. 1,595 children, 6,822 schoolchildren, 2,714 adults and 4,530 senior citizens, including the oldest 99-year-old, took part in the vote. The most active age group was 30 and 40 year olds, accounting for 20% of all voters. The Babie Doły residents were the most eager to vote.

The vote was conducted online.

All annexes: submitted and selected projects, legal basis, archival downloads are available here in Polish.